Roger Billing - Headteacher Welcome to the section about the amazing staff at Abbots.  I am very lucky to be the Headteacher of such dedicated and passionate members of staff.  All adults at Abbots strive to provide the best experience for your children, whether it be by organising trips and activities, cooking delicious meals or teaching many, exciting subjects.

Our staff constantly look for new opportunities to extend their own learning, which in turn provides increased experiences for all of our children.

Roger Billing – roger.billing@abbotslangleyprimary.com


Rebecca Negrello – rebecca.negrello@abbotslangleyprimary.com

Deputy Headteacher – Inclusion Leader

Rachel Turffrey – rachel.turffrey@abbotslangleyprimary.com

Outdoor Education Teacher

Emma Hill – emma.hill@abbotslangleyprimary.com

Outdoor Education Teacher, Geography Leader

Sarah Blackwell – sarah.blackwell@abbotslangleyprimary.com

PPA teacher and PE Leader

Katie Reid – katie.reid@abbotslangleyprimary.com

PPA teacher

Sharon Hathaway – sharon.hathaway@abbotslangleyprimary.com

Librarian and Breakfast Club Manager

Vicky Carrack – vicky.carrack@abbotslangleyprimary.com

Special Needs Leader – Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday working

Charley McKay – charley.mckay@abbotslangleyprimary.com

PPA/Support Teacher – PHSE Leader

Charlotte Tottman – charlotte.tottman@abbotslangleyprimary.com

PPA/Support Teacher- English Deputy Leader – Key Stage One Leader

Jenna McGowan – jenna.mcgowan@abbotslangleyprimary.com

PPA/Support Teacher – Science Deputy Leader

Karen Crawley – karen.crawley@abbotslangleyprimary.com

Year 1 Teacher – Science Deputy Leader – currently on maternity leave

Year 6 Team

Angela Miles – Assistant Headteacher – angela.miles@abbotslangleyprimary.com

Year 6 class teacher and Foundation Subject Leaders Co-ordinator

Jane Sibbit – jane.sibbit@abbotslangleyprimary.com

Year 6 class teacher – English Leader

Jenny Howard – jenny.howard@abbotslangleyprimary.com

Year 6 class teacher – PE Leader

Jill Wharfe – jill.wharfe@abbotslangleyprimary.com

Year 6 HLTA – Deputy RE Leader


Year 5 Team

Liz Gardner – Assistant Headteacher – liz.gardner@abbotslangleyprimary.com

Year 5 class teacher – Maths Leader

Lauren Holt – lauren.holt@abbotslangleyprimary.com

Year 5 class teacher – Science Leader

Jocelyn Roser – jocelyn.roser@abbotslangleyprimary.com

Year 5 Teaching Assistant


Year 4 Team

James Mckenzie – james.mckenzie@abbotslangleyprimary.com

Year 4 class teacher

Rose Blyth – rose.blyth@abbotslangleyprimary.com

Year 4 class teacher – Science Leader

Leila Palumbo – leila.palumbo@abbotslangleyprimary.com

Year 4 class teacher – Deputy Literacy Leader

Debbie Holt – debbie.holt@abbotslangleyprimary.com

Year 4 Teaching Assistant – SEN Deputy Leader

Pamela Chapman – pam.chapman@abbotslangleyprimary.com

Year 4 Teaching Assistant


Year 3 Team

Daniel Savage – daniel.savage@abbotslangleyprimary.com

Year 3 class teacher – Computing Leader

Laura Jeeves – laura.jeeves@abbotslangleyprimary.com

Year 3 class teacher – MFL Leader

Elizabeth Hunt – elizabeth.hunt@abbotslangleyprimary.com

Year 3 Teaching Assistant

Laura Godman – laura.godman@abbotslangleyprimary.com

One to One Teaching Assistant – SEN Deputy Leader

Pnina Josephs – pnina.josephs@abbotslangleyprimary.com

One to One Teaching Assistant


Year 2 Team

Ali Wolfisz – ali.wolfisz@abbotslangleyprimary.com

Year 2 class teacher -Deputy Maths Leader and KS1 Leader

Hayley Jeffries – hayley.jeffries@abbotslangleyprimary.com

Year 2 Teaching Assistant

Nichola Slinn – nichola.slinn@abbotslangleyprimary.com

Year 2 Teaching Assistant

Claire King – claire.sharpe@abbotslangleyprimary.com

Year 2 class teacher – History Leader

Kim Dollard – kim.dollard@abbotslangleyprimary.com

One to one Teaching Assistant

Year 1 Team

Grace Borgeat – grace.borgeat@abbotslangleyprimary.com

Year 1 class teacher

Kristie Samuel – kristie.samuel@abbotslangleyprimary.com

One to One Teaching Assistant

Tom Willcox – tom.willcox@abbotslangleyprimary.com

Year 1 class teacher – French and PSHE Leader

Sarah Fisher – sarah.fisher@abbotslangleyprimary.com

Year 1 Teaching Assistant

Jo Brooks – jo.brooks@abbotslangleyprimary.com

One to One Teaching Assistant

Jackie Sills – jackie.sills@abbotslangleyprimary.com

Year 1 class teacher – Art Leader

Karen Dee – karen.dee@abbotslangleyprimary.com

Year 1 Teaching Assistant

Gemma Purdue – gemma.purdue@abbotslangleyprimary.com

Year 1 Teaching Assistant

Amanda Eamer – amanda.eamer@abbotslangleyprimary.com

Year 1 Teaching Assistant

Yvette Walldock – yvette.walldock@abbotslangleyprimary.com

Year 1 Teaching Assistant

Yamini Patel – yamini.patel@abbotslangleyprimary.com

One to One Teaching Assistant

Claire Blow – claire.blow@abbotslangleyprimary.com

One to One Teaching Assistant

Helen Burt – helen.burt@abbotslangleyprimary.com

One to One Teaching Assistant

Chelsea Mulgrew – chelsea.mulgrew@abbotslangleyprimary.com

One to One Teaching Assistant

Georgia Franklin – georgia.franklin@abbotslangleyprimary.com

One to One Teaching Assistant

 Reception Team

Lyn Quinn – lyn.quinn@abbotslangleyprimary.com

Reception class teacher – Phonics Leader – Early Years Leader

Poppy Boby – poppy.boby@abbotslangleyprimary.com

Reception class teacher – Music Leader

Jill Davis – jill.davis@abbotslangleyprimary.com

Early Years Practitioner

Amanda Harding – amanda.harding@abbotslangleyprimary.com

One to One Teaching Assistant

Sam Williams – sam.williams@abbotslangleyprimary.com

One to One Teaching Assistant

Jade Hoare – jade.hoare@abbotslangleyprimary.com

Reception Teaching Assistant

Nursery Team

Karen Bonnin – karen.bonnin@abbotslangleyprimary.com

Nursery class teacher – RE Leader

Leanne Jenkinson – leanne.jenkinson@abbotslangleyprimary.com

Nursery class teacher – NQT

Emma Morgan – emma.morgan@abbotslangleyprimary.com

Early Years Practitioner

Stephanie Kimber – stephanie.kimber@abbotslangleyprimary.com

Nursery Teaching Assistant

Lynn Bail – lynn.bail@abbotslangleyprimary.com

Nursery Teaching Assistant


Pastoral Care

Tracy Livingstone – tracy.livingstone@abbotslangleyprimary.com

Learning Mentor

Dionne Whiting – dionne.whiting@abbotslangleyprimary.com

Family Support Worker


Admin Team

Linda Dudley – linda.dudley@abbotslangleyprimary.com

Business Manager

Elaine Raison – admin@abbotslangleyprimary.com

Front Office

Jacqui Mott – admin@abbotslangleyprimary.com

Front Office

Rosie Merralls – admin@abbotslangleyprimary.com

Front Office

Jo Reid – admin@abbotslangleyprimary.com

Front Office and First Aid

Joe Mistretta – admin@abbotslangleyprimary.com