We have a Learning Mentor (Tracy Livingstone) and Family Support Worker (Dionne Whiting) at Abbots.  Their principal aim is to support our children and families with any worries, concerns or problems.

Please feel free to contact them with any issues you may have.

Family Support Worker:

As part of the Ethos of supporting children’s learning at Abbots Langley School, this unique role encourages the engagement of the whole family. The ultimate aim is to maximise the opportunity for the child to meet his or her full potential, raise self esteem and reduce anxiety; implementing individual support packages are key to its success.

Work is undertaken both on an individual and group basis and can be carried out both in the school environment or at the family home.
Partnership work with Parents/Carers is central to the role. Support is provided to the adult through 1:1 meetings where amongst other things parenting strategies can be explored.
Additional support can be coordinated, providing a team around the child and utilising specialist services. Families can be signposted to other agencies gaining valuable advice and guidance ie housing, benefits and health services.
Work is undertaken in the strictest of confidence and only shared on a need to know basis. Referrals for this service can be received from the school, external professionals and also parent/carers self referring.

Learning Mentor:

Our Learning Mentor is predominantly there for our children.  Whether it be friendship issues, family bereavements or concerns about secondary transfer, Tracy Livingstone is there to talk through the issues and try to support the children, enabling them to better access their learning.

At Abbots Langley School we place a high level of importance on the use of talking to support our children.  The children in Reception through to Year 3 are embarking on a new scheme to promote and support their understanding of the Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education (PSHE) part of the curriculum, which is very important to us.  The children use a mixture of videos, stories and discussions to think about and deal with many of the issues that they face in life.  The main intention is to provide the children with important information at an early age, so that it becomes embedded.

Tracy Livingstone supports the PSHE curriculum through her work with the children in Rainbow’s End and The Lodge, which are two venues for the children to talk about any concerns, as well as venues that allow us to support behaviour through the school day.

Please feel free to contact Tracy or Dionne on the email addresses above, or ask your class teacher for support in anything that relates to the education and well-being of your child.

Learning Mentor and Family Support Worker